The Vision

Why go Green?

A Greener Vision is just what the name suggests, and much more. It is a vision in which we all contribute to a healthier planet as well as to ourselves using the resources at hand. We are committed to making it easier to live a self-sufficient lifestyle in an urban setting. A Greener Vision means fresh, healthy food for all. Eating organic shouldn't mean spending more, here it means healthy living, less waste, reduced expenses, and abundance for all.


Help the Environment

At this point in time, the pressure to reduce water usage is on. We need to conserve and reuse as much as possible. A Greener Vision is dedicated to making sustainability something we can all take part in.

Eat Better

We've all heard the buzz about non-organic, Genetically Modified Organisms (GMO's), and poisonous pesticides in what we eat. Wether or not any of what people say about it is true, wouldn't it just put your mind at ease to know that you watched what you are eating from when it was planted until when you took a bite? There's no confusion there.

Save Money

What better way to go green than to have a little more green for your pockets too? Eating organic and watering a lawn just adds to your monthly expenses, using that same lawn to grow organic food uses less water and shortens the grocery list.